Our Story

Ties That Matter has been a success story from the start.  The idea of empowering women through employment is a shared dream of founders Laura Martin, Cameron McCord and Elizabeth Chrane.  In 2009, they began to make this dream a reality by establishing Ties That Matter.  In the beginning, Ties That Matter collected recycled neckties from area churches and taught low – income women in Atlanta to make marketable products from them. 

In 2011, Laura Martin had the opportunity to travel to Haiti. Once there, She traveled to the small village of Nan Mango on the island of La Gonave.  There she met a group of women who had impressive sewing skills but no way of using these skills to earn income.  Nor did they have any other way of making money.   This island is considered the third poorest place on earth.

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Tiny stitches

To take tiny stitches you must first learn to thread the needle. I just returned from Haiti last night and am still flush with the success of our trip.  I traveled with Frantz Bourget and Chimene Chatelier and we made quite a team.  We had several goals for this trip: (1) To find local sources [...]

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