About Us

Ties That Matter is a fair trade, 501c3 organization dedicated to creating change by creating jobs.  Our primary focus is in helping low income women find independence, self reliance and self respect by offering them skills and opportunities that lead to full or part time employment.

We work both in Haiti and in our home town of Atlanta, GA. where we use recycled materials and teach women how to make fantastically beautiful products from them. We then sell the products to help support our programs.  If you want to be a part of this cycle of doing good works, SHOP ONLINE.

We feel strongly that offering employment rather than a hand-out provides essential opportunities for people to make lasting changes in their lives.  To make this happen, we have partnered with several wonderful organizations.

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Tiny stitches

To take tiny stitches you must first learn to thread the needle. I just returned from Haiti last night and am still flush with the success of our trip.  I traveled with Frantz Bourget and Chimene Chatelier and we made quite a team.  We had several goals for this trip: (1) To find local sources [...]

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